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Today, not only does this historic saloon continue to be popular among its new patrons, but is also said to remain home to a couple of spectral ones as well. Naturally, the most evident is that of the "Swamper," who allegedly has never left the building. Staff, locals and tourists alike have had experiences with this old miner, ranging from photos where he has appeared, to a number of fleeting appearances as he roams the halls, stairways, and especially the basement. Part of the legend claims that the "Swamper" hid his silver somewhere in the building and returns to protect it.
Other appearances have been made by fleeting cowboy spirits which have been seen at the bar, standing in doorways, and by one account, knocking over cases of beer in the basement.
Perhaps, this is one of our old friends - the Earps or Holliday?


Other witnesses have claimed to have heard phantom people singing and talking in deserted rooms, reported that things fall to the floor of their own accord, doors open and close with unseen hands, lights turn on and off by themselves, and silverware has been known to go flying off tables.


The mannequins on the false balcony have seemingly been moved and sometimes even tossed from the balcony. The sounds of footsteps and muted voices are often heard coming from the basement when no one is down there. Areas in the saloon also experience extreme cold spots and gusts of cold air.


Ghostly Encounters PhotoPhotographers have made numerous reports of strange hazy forms appearing in images, as well as having numerous camera malfunctions. (see photo on right)


One story tells of the building's owner and several employees exploring old "Swamper's" tunnel. They soon discovered that it still led all the way to the old shafts of the Toughnut Mine. Safely, they made their way back to the basement, but as they approached Swamper's tunnel, they heard a loud moaning sound and heavy footsteps coming down the stairs leading to the tunnel.


Sure that someone had come into the building, they came out of the tunnel, immediately searching the premises, only to find the building empty and the doors still locked. Perhaps Swamper was afraid they were going to find his silver?


Other strange events have occurred on the staircases leading to the basement, including female employees who have felt pushed off the last stair. Another female employee felt cold, clammy hands encircling her throat.


Whatever you do, don't let the ghosts scare you because the atmosphere and food at Big Kate's Saloon is wonderful and place is a "must stop" in Tombstone.


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